The Way Young People Support Charity

The Way Young People Support Charity

2018-01-07 05:58:26

Giving thousands of scholarships, organizing cultural performances, cutting hair, donating blood, building free market stalls and brining mini libraries to disadvantaged children in remote areas, helping people with disabilities in the livelihood etc. are regular activities of young people of “I Love Kon Tum” branch for many years.

The branch came into being in May 2012 and is now an affiliate of the Kon Tum Association in Support of the Handicapped and Orphans. It is an umbrella organization gathering young people who would like to support charity in the city. It works on the non-political, non-profit principles targeting people with disabilities and disadvantaged families.

Right from the beginning, the branch was active in coming to disadvantaged people and children in remote communes, setting up “charity stalls” to help and improve income of families with members suffering from glass-bone disease in Kon Tum City, organize cultural performaces for children at social-protection facilities. It also started the “Books for You” Programme with four mini libraries and 1,063 books etc. Under its coordination, medical check ups, gifts for students at disadvantaged communes; wheelchairs for persons with disabilities, essential goods and clothing for poor families were organized.

These activities have helped children to have access to knowledge, brought happiness to disadvantaged children, persons with disabilities and the poor. They also reflect the responsibility of the young people in sharing. They rekindle the humanist and philanthropist spirit to help people in difficulties in the community.