War Veteran’s Efforts to Reach Higher

War Veteran’s Efforts to Reach Higher

2018-01-07 05:55:54

Though they left part of their life on the battlefields and came back with multiple wounds, Vu Xuan Tu from Hai Duong and Ho Mo from Quang Tri do not want to stop and rest. Withdiligence, hard work and tireless efforts, they were able to build a plentiful life for themselves and their disabled friends.

Joining the army in 1970, Vu Xuan Tu fought in the South and then performed international task in Cambodia. In 1985, he was demobilized with multiple wounds. He first worked in the Labour, War Invalid and Social Affairs area and married with a woman from the same village. Prompted by the desire to help children of his army friends, he opened a small local tailor shop to create employment for his army friends’ relatives and disabled children. However, difficulties came along and he diversified his activities into construction and trade.

In order to be more efficient, he assigned the partially disabled workers to work at the company and the disabled workers to woprk from homes. He also makes every effort to find contracts and organized vocational courses for the abled and disabled people. Thus he was able to create jobs for hundreds of people with stable cincomes of 4-5 million dongs a month.

Ho Mo, a wounded veteran set a bright example of the willpower and diligence at A Doi, Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri. Leaving the army with one leg cut off, he tried to move beyond the war pain and looked forward to the future.

He decided that his life was going to be with the land he was born. He cleared barren hills and planted with trees, rejuvenating the forest. Additionally, he learned how to raise cattle. With a small fund, he bought two buffaloes and two cows. With grass in the forests as the main fodder, his buffaloes and cows grew on size to scores of them now. In 2014, he invested in growing rice, cassava and rubber and encouraged others to do the same.

Though busy, he spent a lot of time visiting, encouraging disadvantaged families. He now has a happy family with two children who love him and like to reach higher in life.