The Association in Suport of Vietnamese Handicapped and Orphans held its 5th Congress on 14 April to take stock and assess the results and experience of the Association over five years from 2012-2017. The Congress also set out objectives and taks for 2017-2022. It has created an added impetus to ASVHO development, contributing to raising the Association’s image.


The Association celebrated, on 12 April, its 25th founding anniversary and held  the 14th “One Heart – One World” programme to commend typical handicapped, orphans and sponsors as well to pay tribute to Vietnamese and foreign sponsors who have  worked together with the Association. On this occasion, its affiliates in provinces and cities have organized communication actvities to raise public awareness of the problems encountered by the handicapped and orphans and of assistance programmes carried out by the Association.


Marking the Viet Nam Women Day 20 October, the Association, in coordination with other agencies and units, held a “Happininess to Handicapped Couples” for 2017 on 17 October. The programme commended 30 handicapped couples from 24 provinces and cities; helping to raise awareness of love, marriage, happiness of the handicapped.


In a sharing and solidarity spirit, the Association and its affiliates in provinces and cities in the nation have been active in mobilizing resources and organizing activities to support the handicapped, orphans and disadvantaged people in disaster-struck areas. These activities have contributed to foster cohesion among the affiliates and encouraged affiliates in disaster-struck areas to improve their services to the target groups.


The Association has continued to pay atention to training, holding workshops and  building capacity for its members. The activities in field include seminars, colloqiums on social tasks, the Law on Children, the Law on the Handicapped, and the Law on Legal Assistance etc. The Association has paid adequate attention to assistance programmes coupled with taking stock and summing up experience to ahieve the best results.


For 2017, the Association has been able to coordinate and moblize 540 billion Vietnamese dong (an equivalent of US$ 23 million). This reflects the development, greater experience and determination as well as creativity and diversification of the mobilization efforts of the Association. It also shows the reputation of the Association in the eyes of donors and target groups.


On 6 July 2017, the President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam issued Decision No 1311/QD-CTN to confer the Second-Class Labour Order (the second time) to the Association for its outstanding work in the assistance of the handicapped and orphans for 2012-2016, contributing to the cause of socialista construction and defence. In 2017, the Association has rewarded its commendation certificates to 353 collectives and 457 individuals. It also presented 573 “For the Cause of the Handicapped and Orphans” memorial certificates to other collectives and individuals.

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